Capturing Nature's Beauty

Every time a take a photo of my work I am disappointed about how much beauty is lost between the live flowers and the camera lens. Color, texture, depth and scent - it is always so much more vivid in person!

I reached out to a sweet industry friend and incredibly talented photographer Leah Golter to do a one on one photography lesson. She is such a wonderful teacher! She came to my home and taught me everything I needed to know to be able to take gorgeous photos of my flowers in any light. I learned so much about how to capture the details and beauty of each individual bloom and the arrangement as a whole. So much has to do with perspective! All photos here were taken by me, with Leah's direction.

Ranunculus, the pink flower above and below, are a favorite flower of mine. Typically used as an accent flower, sometimes they open up just right and seal the show! I'm in love with their petal structure.


I love working with green viburnum. It is like a miniature version of hydrangea that flutters in the wind. So delicate!


These peach garden roses are so stunning!

I'm so excited to put my new skills into practice and bring you beautiful images of flowers going forward!